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Beyond hard skills and formal qualifications employers are often concerned about the lack of transversal competencies that current employees (or prospective new hires) needed to perform various tasks successfully.

The ALL-SO-SKILL program aims at offering an all in one social/transversal skills improvement learning experience that will provide a quicker way to gain soft/transversal skill, using different methodologies to engage adult learners while getting them used to different learning environment.

The greater autonomy brought about better competences and ability for self-management and handle work load will increase the opportunity to lead more balanced and healthy lives for the participants. Better working patterns as experimented by the institutions in the project, with a huge positive impact on students and their families – as for the general improvement of the services offered in general.

The proposed method will make use of Digital resources that will support learners during

  • INDIVIDUAL centered learning – contents structured in a digital environment adaptable to various learning styles and can be adapted around students’ class activities, or individual/solo learning.
  • CLASS based: Predominantly class based teaching, with an educator offering information based on paper support
  • FLIPPED Class based lessons with gradual introduction of ICT and digital contents and devices (tablet, phones…) with low or no paper-based materials, with contents presented on screens and reviewed by the participants in their own time on line.

The unemployed and job seekers can also take advantage of the products and training, as they provide a standardized method to foster employability skills and improvement.  At the end of the program, learners can request a certification of their progress, because employers often require candidates to demonstrate their soft skills, together with past experiences, education and trainings.


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