Outputs and results

The digital solutions will make it easier for learning professionals, training companies and any other adult learning provider or stakeholder to update contents, adjusting the learning provision according to the market needs, monitor learning’ progress and perform assessment and evaluation of learning results.

During the project the partners will create the following concrete results:

AllSOSkilled: An all in one learning program

The program aims at increasing participants complex problem-solving, persuasion skills, emotional intelligence and ability to mentor and teach others, negotiation skills, ability for decision-making, critical thinking, social intelligence etc.

The program will offer real life scenarios as a background to allow participants in understanding the appropriate display of those abilities. The contents are online, and they can be used as a base for class based activities, handed out in printed form, delivered thought digital devices (tablets or computers) – not necessarily through a platform. This will ensure personalized solutions based on participants’ real needs.

AllSOSkilled: An assasment

The assessment activity is used as an accelerator for soft skills development, as the method proposed will make a huge use of self-evaluation and deliberation movements with the class. The ALL-SO-SKILLED method is composed by 3 different ways to assess competences developed in the program

  • Self-evaluation: each participants is responsible for their own progress
  • Teacher’s evaluation: the educators will use check lists and specific tools to make sure the participants are progressing and improving as the program moves along
  • Peers evaluation: a more collaborative way of learning by making all responsible for other’s success

The 3-STEP-ASSESSMENT METHOD is designed to offer adult learners, the opportunity to monitor and assess their learning progress, and, most importantly, to offer employers and learning professionals an easy way to measure soft skills to meet their (or market) expectations.

AllSOSkilled: Trainers’ Course

The manual illustrate the whole AllSOSkilled program and add tips and comments by the educators that piloted it, to offer an individualized support to facilitating adults’ transition toward better training specifically or jobs if they feel motivated to get a better professional position.



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