Founded in 2007, AREGAI is an Italian no profit association promoting activities and projects to help members of the association to improve and innovate without waste resources, making good use of all talents and knowledge in the value chain.

Aregai helps its members in planning and co-creating sustainable products, projects and services, using a system called LICET® that helps local communities, companies, youth, citizens and public and private actors in creating sustainable activity plan, assess clearly results and guide in the planning tasks and responsibility so to accomplish with the common goals while respecting for economic, social and environmental parameters of the project, specifically, of society in general. Cooperation supported by the LICET® model and tools can respond better to all recognized needs and valorising members’ efforts.

The whole process is based on participation and collaboration, to respond to collective needs and most of all recognizing and valorising each member efforts. The M&E methodology promoted by Aregai offers the project team a practical way to analyse any requirement in the project lifetime, to control and assess if a project reached its final goals and produced the planned results. Specifically designed for project control and quality management, the method aims at supporting project teams in determine SMART objectives, create easily indexes to monitor the activities and determine the risks the partners can face during the activities. The results of the different evaluation and assessment conducted during the project lifetimes, increase partners’ ability to co-create outputs and delivery products while managing resources efficiently, demonstrating that the products/output are in line with target groups needs and stakeholders expectations, since the early stage of project implementation. The M&E model guide the project staff in assessing thus making sure that the activities are aiming at the right goals. To ensure a sustainable planning the process is divided in 5 macro topics to help managers in taking care of the different aspects of the project. The Association can count on a wide network of professionals and associates working in the Technical scientific committee.



April 23, 2019


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