Improving communication skills, building up a teamwork and the ability to deal with change, and act with a critical and responsible stance when the person has started a new job/work.

The learners are hired in a bookstore, they have to introduce themselves to the new colleagues and team leaders, and they have to learn about the books there in the store, so they have to read summaries (or to summarise a book…). They have to read the task manual and the organization plan, and act accordingly.

Digital competence

Social and civic competences

Digital competence

Sense of initiative

Browsing, searching, filtering data, information and digital content

Motivation and perseverance

Building and maintain relationships

Understand and contribute to the common goals

The workshop covers:

  • Starting a new job: First day at work
  • Resolving workplace issues
  • Getting the most out of your job
  • Skills for a better bookseller
  • Things to ask about your new job
  • Checklist for starting a new job
  • Great Impression at Your New Job
  • Getting Hired At An Independent Bookstore
  • Tips for Success on Your First Day at a New Job
  • Starting a New Job? 7 Tips to Ensure Your Success
  • Communication Skills for Workplace Success
  • Bookseller job profile
  • Time Management Skills: Definition and Examples

The learners will be able to

  • communicate in different ways and in different settings
  • work in partnership and in teams
  • take the initiative and lead
  • apply critical thinking and new contexts
  • create and develop
  • solve problems
  • organize, process, and maintain information

take responsibility for own learning

The skills connected to this workshop are:

  • recognising need and opportunity and influencing and negotiating with others to take ideas forward
  • evaluating risk to inform individual and collective decision making
  • taking the initiative, working with and leading others
  • being creative, flexible and resourceful with a positive attitude to change

self-awareness, optimism and having an open mind-set

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  • 10 hours



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