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  • Title: AllSOskilled – AduLt Learners SOcial and life skills enhancement program for increased
    competitivity in 2020 labour market
  • Running dates: October 2018 – September 2020
  • Programme: Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for adult education
  • ID number: 2018-1-PL01-KA204-051089

 Why is this project so special?

According to the 2107 World Economic forum Report, with regard to the overall scale of demand for various skills in 2020, 36% of all jobs across all industries are expected to require complex problem-solving, social skills —such as persuasion, emotional intelligence and teaching others— will be in higher demand across industries than narrow technical skills. Beyond hard skills and formal qualifications, in fact, employers are often concerned about the lack of transversal competences that current employees (or prospective new hires) needed to perform various tasks successfully.

The necessity of acquiring new skills in the era of globalisation and rapid technological changes are bringing about important shifts in the way education can analyse and monitor the labour markets and in educations systems. This issues are leading to the need for develop partnership between education and training providers, research institutions and cultural actors to support innovation and to increase employability and to make education and training more relevant to the world of work.

A little bit more about the project

Main objective of the consortium is to develop a quicker way for adult learners to gain soft/transversal skill, using more appealing and hands-on methodologies while motivating them to re-engaging in professional education and, eventually, get a better job position.

The ALLsoSKILLED program aims at equipping adult learners with a wide range of soft skill, problem solving and digital literacy, while fostering their motivation for improvement, thus enhancing their employability skills in the process.

The innovation of the present approach is given by the possibility for adult learners to get information on soft skills that are not usually taught to them, if not in different courses (leadership, public speaking, negotiations…) that are not appealing to ‘the general public’ who needs to have a better all-around individual preparation. The project specifically addresses the lack of a comprehensive learning program addressing adults specifically, offering also the possibility to learn by their peers, get life coaching tips, and most increase those skills needed to endure in the actual digital world. The innovative assessment method will teach them to be responsible for their peers’ learning outcomes, increasing also their capacity for empowering others.

The digital solutions will make it easier for learning professionals and training companies to update contents, adjusting the learning provision according to the market needs, monitor learning’ progress and perform assessment and evaluation of learning results. Adult learners can learn contents in class and then re-read them in their own time, supported by peers or by educators.

 Is this project for you? 

The AllSOSkilled program has been designed to help adult learners with more than 35 years of age, regardless of the sex and nationality, with more than 35 years of age and in employment, unemployed or economically inactive, and offer a new way to increase a wide set of skills at once, reducing the time in the learning process and aiming directly for what is needed to compete on today labor market.

The greater autonomy brought about better competences and ability for self-management and handle work load will increase the opportunity to lead more balanced and healthy lives for the participants. Better working patterns as experimented by the institutions in the project, with a huge positive impact on students and their families – as for the general improvement of the services offered in general.

By participating in the program they will:

  • – increase their opportunities for personal development and gain better skills for employability
  • – increase their awareness on 21st century skills” needed by society and contemporary labor market
  • – better understanding of lifelong learning possibilities and awareness on up-skiling possibilities and progress towards higher qualifications,
  • – enhance their literacy, numeracy and digital competences
  • – increase confidence, motivation to learn and strengthen to their aspirations,

Check the Learning activities section to learn more.

The unemployed and job seekers can also take advantage of the products and training, as they provide a standardised method to foster employability skills and improvement. Whether education is provided in the classroom or an interactive content, adult teachers/ trainers need to learn new techniques and methods to let the learners get the maximum benefit for their learning experience, and most of all, need to learn how to compensate fast changing labor market/society’s needs with slow moving education systems. Professionals need to know how to define the best blends among online, offline, on-demand, experiential, face-to-face activities to increase participants learning possibilities, and, most of all, allowing learners to control their own timing and schedule.

At the end of the program, learners can request a certification of their progress, because employers often require candidates to demonstrate their soft skills, together with past experiences, education and trainings.

Are you a trainer or an educators? Go and have a look at the Outputs and results or contact us for more information.


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