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Have you got the skills you need for the 21st-century workplace? Beyond hard skills and formal qualifications employers are often concerned about the lack of transversal competences that current employees (or prospective new hires) need to perform various tasks successfully.

Course 1 – First day at work

Improving communication skills, building up a teamwork and the ability to deal with change, and act with a critical and responsible stance when the person has started a new job/work.

Course 2 – Working with new Colleagues

Working with new colleagues means know how to ‘read people’ and adapt to different organizational styles. Here we expect team-building exercises, telling others what the job is about …

Course 3 – Change of tasks: At the front desk

During the activities, you will learn how to adapt flexibly to a new work situation and basic customer service skills – improve active listening, different ways of communication and problem solving skills by learning through experience, the role-play, different situations in work environment, related to book store and self- reflection activities.

Course 4 – How to mediate or avoid a verbal confrontation

During the activities, you will learn how to effectively use body language and mediate in difficult situation to achieve your aims you will have a chance to learn interacting trough digital technologies.

Course 5 – Find solutions to a problem

During the activities, you will learn how to find new opportunities and negotiate something by asking better questions and offer better solutions to common issues.

All the world is my school and all humanity is my teacher. -George Whitman


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